Soul Whisperings: Poems for Victorious Living

A Poetry Collection by Nanette Orange



Welcome to the site  that answers  the question some people spend a lifetime asking:  What is the purpose of life? This theme and other  soul-renewing sentiments are found in Nanette C. Orange’s books:  Soul Whisperings: Poems for Victorious Living and Innermost Journey: Poems for a Lifetime.   If you wish to be enlightened, don't miss the opportunity to own these books.


Poems from

Soul Whisperings


No More U-Turns

I'm here again,
on this road to self -discovery, seeking the roots of my insecurities-- 
 a journey to yesterday.

I've traveled this road often, without reaching my destination.
I made many U-turns
before finding wisdom's light,
afraid to confront
the narrow curves,
sunless skies,
and shadowy dusks
of the past.

When I journey this time,
fear won't be a passenger.
Fortitude's my companion,
a navigator, helping
to avoid dead-end streets
and choose the turns at crossroads.

Upon reaching landmarks,
housing childhood history,
I'll visit briefly and listen to echoes--
acquiring answers
needed to continue my quest
for understanding and        



Letting Go


Come back, come back
o’ doting breeze.
You didn’t gust away my frowns.

I tried, I tried,
dear human being,
to waft away your woes.
I tickled your face,
caressed your arms,
and serenaded your soul,
urging you to be free.

You huddled against my wind
and clung to your misery,
nailing it to your heart.









Poems from

Innermost Journey


Colorful and Purposeful

Butterfly, fluttering flower,

I marvel your majestic journey.

You live your day

mid rivers and thistle fields,

charming all who chance your path.


You land in garden beds at dawn

to awaken and kiss marigolds.

In return, they lift their petals,

offering sips of nectar and dew.


Just a glimpse of your presence,

entices and invokes idled muses.

Anxious to capture your essence,

poets and painters grab

their quill pens and brushes.

No paper or canvas remains blank

after you've wandered within view.

As you waltz with the breeze's sighs,

hasty onlookers pause

to live in the moment of your dance,

acknowledging your performance

as a conveyance of peace and hope.


O' butterfly, dainty liberator,

metamorphosis has humbled you,

bestowing colorful, purposeful wings.

Your chrysalis bears beauty, but you're not vain.

Your company is sought,            

yet you're modest.

Your life is brief,                            

yet  well-lived.




Uncounted Blessings


Seeds thrive,

but not as planned.

Man questions God,

focusing on loss,

but not what's at hand.








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